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Mission Statement

To create community for the black and brown professional collective in the Greater Harrisburg Area, and to empower professionals of color to identify what they need to thrive within the community.

About This Cause

The YPOC was founded in 2016 to address the unique and specific needs facing professionals of color in Central Pennsylvania. Every decade more young professionals of color move out of than move to the Greater Harrisburg area. We empower professionals of color to identify the resources they need to thrive in the community, we create safe social spaces for professionals of color to relax, and stimulate growth and development for every member and the surrounding communities.

The purpose of this organization is social and communal, bringing people out of their homes and into the community to have fun, build new networks, and serve the community. We are serious about building connections, by joining members to like-minded entities in business, industry, education and civics. One pillar of this organization is to bring value to local area businesses by retaining young black and brown professionals over longer periods of time. This is the future of business enterprise and commerce.