We currently boast a rapidly growing membership and would like you to join us. Our members include students and individuals in many sectors, including financial and legal. We also have creative members who are painters and writers. Whatever it is you do, we want you to share it with us!

To promote racial equality and professional development, YPOC members support and attend programs relevant to these goals. Joining YPOC entitles you to the following:

Community Membership Perks
●       One Free Birthday Drink/Appetizer a Year at Happy Hour/Brunch
●       Membership Card
●       Exclusive Member discounts on all workshops, events, and YPOC clubs.

Professional Membership Perks
●       All of the above
●       Weekly $3 access to Hurston Manor, the YPOC Community Space ($100 value per week)
●       Included on Business Card Wall
●       Discounted Community Calendar access!

Premier Membership Perks
●       All of the above
●       Bio included in membership booklet
●       Community Calendar All Access
●       FREE entry with membership card to Hurston Manor Events
●       2 no-cost Rentals at Hurston Manor the YPOC Community Space ($500 value)
●       Advertising (business or individual brand) at Hurston Manor

In the coming year we plan to partner with local businesses to provide our members with more exclusive offers and discounts. We will also be revamping our YPOC Book Club.

We are excited to get to know you better. For your convenience, we invite you to sign up for membership using the link below:

Membership Form

*Discounts on multiple memberships for businesses!

**If you paid your dues already at the community membership level—thank you! You can upgrade at anytime!

***If you paid your dues in the last half of the year your dues are not due until July 1. If you paid in the first part of the year, your dues are due April 1.

****In 2020, all dues will be due April 1.